Mission operates as an incubator for the sustainable lifestyle-industry. It is our mission to make sustainable entrepreneurship in the lifestyle industry significantly easier, so that the offer of sustainable products increases. At the same time, this also means that we focus on increasing the number of sustainable production sites, particularly in developing countries.

Sustainable entrepreneurship for us not only encompasses making sure that products are fairly and environmentally-friendly sourced. In fact , we add an extra layer to our work, by emphasising that the production of lifestyle products can also significantly add to the development of the people involved. As lifestyle products are often manufactured in low-wage countries where lots of development challenges exist, we feel that the work the lifestyle industry generates, can create lots of opportunities for these regions and the people involved. Unfortunately, these days the benefits of the work seem far from being realised, with recent tragedies in Bangladesh and Cambodia as harsh proof of this fact. We wants this to stop, and therefore we emphasise the alternatives that exist.


We aim to break the vicious cycle of lifestyle brands wanting cheaper clothes at faster speed, resulting in bad working conditions and environmentally unfriendly practices in low-wage countries. In fact, we can turn this into a virtuous cycle: by ensuring that the fair and environmentally sourcing process for lifestyle brands becomes easier, with less transaction costs, and better conditions, more development opportunities are possible for the producers in low-wage countries.

This is why we work both with lifestyle brands, and with lifestyle production sites. We do this by:

  • Creating a network of sustainable entrepreneurs and sustainable production sites, for building better North-South relations
  • Sharing knowledge and skills on sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable production
  • Coaching for improved continuity and increased competitiveness in low-wage country production sites
  • Raising funds for physical and human capital improvements to ensure sustainable production in low-wage country production sites (according to safety, sustainability, and appropriate labour standards)


We believe that by sharing knowledge, skills, network, and capital the range of sustainable lifestyle products will increase, and that the lifestyle industry offers increasing and true development opportunities for low-wage countries. This way everyone can enjoy not only beautiful, but also fair and sustainable, products.