Handmade with love and dedication

Studio Nepal

Studio Nepal is located in Kathmandu, which was founded in 2011.  At the end of 2021, Studio Nepal will be fully owned by its own employees. This was always the goal and dream of founder Jitske Lundgren. After ten years since the start of studio Nepal, this is the result of which we are very proud. General Manager Tzering and a team of dedicated women will continue to run the factory on their own with the support and guidance of the STUDIOJUX.ORG Foundation.

As a foundation, we will continue to support safe and healthy working conditions for the Nepali tailors. At STUDIOJUX.ORG we value honesty and transparency and therefore we have incorporated the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. We are all responsible for the planet we live on and the world’s resources that we use. Together we will maximize social impact and minimize environmental impact at the same time. In addition, we can ensure that every single piece is handmade with love and dedication.

These business principles clarify and lay down the minimum standards STUDIOJUX.ORG expects each supplier, business partner, and client to respect and meet. You can read more about the Ten Principles here.

Meet (y)our tailor

As part of our transparent way of working, we would like you to meet (y)our Nepali tailors. Meeting the person behind the product is valuable for us, for them, and for you as well. It adds a story behind (y)our product. You will know who made your products and learn more about their personal stories and ambitions. All the women working at studio Nepal are true ‘rockstars’, who we wish to continually keep supporting. By ordering your private collection at studio Nepal, we can create an even bigger impact in their lives, including their families.

Valuable partners

STUDIOJUX.ORG Foundation is fortunate to be able to count on the support of a number of valuable (funding) partners. This enables us to carry out our women’s empowerment projects. Our foundation has developed a network of businesses, foundations, organizations, and consumers to support our work. If you share the same mission to meet your social responsibility or conscious consumerism objectives in the interests of creating decent work and women empowerment, we welcome you to join our network and/or make a donation so we are able to continue our work.