You can make a difference!

Support (y)our Nepali tailors, artisans, and their families with your donation and make a difference! 

Making an online gift through the donation button to STUDIOJUX.ORG Foundation is safe, fast, and simple. From 40 euros, you are entitled to a tax certificate. The tax reduction amounts to 45% of the donated amount. So a gift of 100 euros will in fact cost you only 55 euros. Together with STUDIOJUX.ORG Foundation, your support will maximize social impact!

STUDIOJUX.ORG Foundation is currently in the process of receiving the CBF-mark including ANBI-status and expects both quality marks to be granted in January 2022. 

Should you wish to receive additional information from the STUDIOJUX.ORG Foundation about donating and/or the projects, then please contact us by filling in the contact form here.

Ways of donating

Single donation

Every donation, large or small, is more than welcome. With your contribution, our foundation is able to give vulnerable, underprivileged yet powerful, and strong women meaningful and decent work. We strongly believe in women’s empowerment as the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and poor living conditions. In addition, the women get the opportunity for self-development, enabling them to provide a decent living for themselves and their families.  

Structural donation

Studio Nepal, the social enterprises, and the women empowerment projects which are supported by STUDIOJUX.ORG Foundation are long-term projects. As we have a long-term commitment to them, your contribution will help us ensure that we can carefully plan our projects based on local and actual needs. It helps us to make realistic plans and realize them. With local people on the ground, knowing what is needed and when we can guarantee that your structural donation is spent well.

Corporate partnership

Besides donations from consumers and corporate foundations, a substantial part of the foundation’s funding comes from businesses and like-minded entrepreneurs. If you share the same mission to meet your social responsibility or conscious consumerism objectives in the interests of creating decent work and women empowerment, we invite you to become a corporate partner. Together we are showing that it’s possible to change the way products are made and how to create impact at the same time. 

Buy (y)our handmade products

By buying one of our sustainable home and lifestyle products from our catalogue, you are directly supporting (y)our Nepali tailors, artisans, and their families. All our suppliers are based in Kathmandu, Nepal. This means we can ensure social impact, safe and healthy working conditions, and minimize the environmental impact at the same time. This also means that every single piece is handmade with love and dedication.